A Toolbox for Impact Assessment and Sustainability

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Jacob, Klaus/Arampatzis, Stratos/Manos, Basil/Bournaris, Thomas (2013), A Toolbox for Impact Assessment and Sustainability. Procedia Technology, Volume 8, 2013, pp 355-359, 6th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Agriculture, Food and Environment (HAICTA 2013).



Impact Assessment (IA) is increasingly used by the European Commission and Member States to assess the potential economic, social and environmental consequences of new policy initiatives. To support the IA process, the European research LIAISE project is developing a Toolbox which is simultaneously accessible and useful for policy makers as well as for the research community. The Toolbox provides an interactive library of models, publications, projects, good practices, experts, etc. to support IAs. Special emphasis has been given to enable access to adding and editing information.

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