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This impact area focuses on whether a policy proposal is expected to change - either increase or decrease - the availability of public information with regard to services and goods. In order to realize equal access to goods and services information on the side of the population in need of these goods and services is required. Similar to the last question, analysis should focus on information available to particularly vulnerable groups respecticely to groups that face a higher risk of poverty and social exclusion. Attention should be given to services of general interest (large network indurstries such as energy, telecommunication, etc.) or to services which are essential for the daily life in order to ensure social, economic, and territorial cohesion. Of particular relevance here are healthcare and specific social sevices (such as social security schemes, social assistance services, employment and training services, social housing, child care or long-term care services) as vulnerable groups dependent on these services to fully particpate in the society.

Guiding Question

Does the option make the public better informed about a particular issue?

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